Our History

The Ferrer family has deep roots in the Penedés region of Spain, with 18 generations of winemaking experience at the family ranch, La Freixeneda.

At first they dealt locally, but by the late 19th century they were exporting wine to parts of Europe and Cuba.

At that time the youngest son of La Freixeneda, Pere Ferrer Bosch or El Freixenet, married Dolors Sala Vivé, the only daughter of the Sala family. The Salas had been making wine at their Casa Sala property since 1861, and Dolors’ keen interest in the process was easily complemented by Pere's business savvy and community involvement.

Their marriage coincided with the arrival of the Phylloxera plague in Spain, which wiped out most of Europe’s vineyards. Far from being deterred, the couple replanted their decimated land with white varietals to make sparkling wine. In 1914 the first bottles were released with Pere’s childhood nickname on the label. Freixenet had been born.

Ferrer Family Wines

Over the generations, the Ferrer family continued to broaden its horizons by investing in Spain's classic winemaking regions. Ferrer Family Wines presents a selection of wines that showcase the broad range of styles that can be found across the country, each crafted in-house by winemakers with deep roots in their respective region.

The Bottle Car

The Ferrers' enterprising nature was well known and soon became associated with two symbols. One was Joanet, with his red cap and bottle of Cava, who represented the family’s passion for spreading the gospel of good wine. The other was the bottle car, which toured Spain and Europe in the 1920's turning heads and showing that the Ferrer family’s vision lay well beyond their backyard.