Adolfo Heredia

Adolfo Heredia
Head Winemaker for Ferrer Family Wines

Expert winemaker Adolfo Heredia oversees the development and production of the Ferrer Family Wines portfolio, the Freixenet Group's compendium of estates in prominent wine regions in Spain, which include Penedes, Priorat, Montsant, Ribera del Duero and Rias Baixas. As Winemaking Director of the Freixenet Group, he not only develops the wineries, but maintains maximum technical responsibility during the harvest, winemaking, bottling and production. Adolfo has made extraordinary contributions to the wines of the Freixenet Group over his 25 years of service with the Ferrer family.

Born in 1952 in Barcelona, Adolfo had a future of winemaking in mind from the start. He graduated with a degree in biochemistry from the University of Madrid.

Upon completing his studies, he was hired by Segura Viudas as the Technical Director in the winemaking departments of Rene Barbier and Segura Viudas. He quickly proved his expertise in wine technology, and after involvement in several significant studies within the wineries, worked his way up to Head Winemaker in 1979. He is also a member of such groups as the Organization of Catalan Oenologists, the Winegrowers Union of the Penedes, the Business Union of Cava, and the Tasting Committee on the Cava Regulation Council.

Outside of the wineries, Adolfo is very involved in wine research and frequently attends conferences and seminars on wine to stay abreast of the latest winemaking technology. Adolfo also teaches courses on Cava Technology through the Catalan Institute of vineyards and wines and the Polytechnic University of Catalunya since 1987.

Adolfo Heredia is dedicated to producing the best quality still and sparkling wines for the Freixenet Group, a direct result of his passion for winemaking.

Javier Aladro

Javier Aladro
Winemaker at Valdubón

In late 2003, Javier Aladro, Ph.D. joined the Freixenet winemaking team as Chief Winemaker for Valdubón winery in the Ribera del Duero D.O. in Spain. Javier, whose doctorate is in chemistry, is a former winemaker for Bodegas Croft in Jerez, Spain. He also has prior winemaking experience for Bodegas Jaro in Ribera del Duero.

Working directly with Head Winemaker Adolfo Heredia, Javier is responsible for all three levels of wines produced at this estate, including Valdubón Cosecha (the region's designation for its youngest wines) and the most recent addition, Valdubón Reserva.

Javier works to ensure the production of the highest quality grapes that the Valdubón estate can produce while employing the latest technology in an effort to maintain the integrity of these 100% Tempranillo wines.

Judit Llop

Judit Llop
Winemaker for Morlanda, Fra Guerau & Garbó

The daughter of vineyard owners in Terra Alta in Tarragona, Spain, Judit was born in 1978. After completing her degree in Agronomy at Tarragona University, Judit attained a degree in Oenology. She worked for Miguel Torres in Research and Development for five years before travelling to Chile to work in the fermentation department at Viña Errázuriz to broaden her experience. Five months later, Judit returned to Spain, working in a D.O. Montsant bodega for two years before joining the Freixenet Group’s winemaking team in late 2003 at their Priorat and Montsant estate.

Witness to the resurgence of these regions virtually abandoned a decade earlier, Judit has a special appreciation for her work with Freixenet. She feels particularly fortunate to participate in the area’s evolution through Freixenet’s continual pioneering use of new technology.


Vanessa Insausti Vanessa Insausti
Winemaker for VAZA

In 2007 Vanesa Inausti joined the Freixenet winemaking team as the head winemaker at VAZA. Vanesa is passionate about her wines and capturing the terrior of Rioja. The VAZA wines represent varietally correct Tempranillo taste profiles. Vanesa enjoys studying the different nuances of Tempranillo within the sub areas of Rioja.

Her commitment to the continuing evolution of Spanish wines in the international landscape is evidenced by the superb quality of the VAZA wines.